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LE construction and maintenance was created to help companies manage their properties better.  These resources are aimed at solving some of the problems you might face on a day-to-day basis, and provide information to make your job easier and more stress-free.

Parking Lot Maintenance Articles

A New Way to Pile Snow

We recently acquired a telehandler to further improve our ability to not only move snow… but pile it up higher …

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Rolling Out

It might not be the official first day of winter yet, but the snow didn’t wait. Here’s the first official …

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Sunken Manhole Repair

It was finally time to fix this manhole at the Blackfoot Farmers Market. Our asphalt team removed all the old …

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Aggregate Recycling

We’re extremely proud of our ability to recycle aggregates in house! Not only does this help divert materials from landfills, …

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Drainage remediation

The miller was at it again! This tool has proved to be invaluable for small scale repairs. The jobs are …

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Prep and install of a swale

The asphalt team was out last week to create a swale in an existing parking lot. Our milling attachment for …

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