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A division of LE Construction & Maintenance


You have a business to run and don’t need to spend time worrying about making improvements or ensuring things work properly.  Our experienced crews can handle any facility construction or maintenance project.  View a list of our facility maintenance services.

Why team up with LE Facility Maintenance?

Free Up Resources

Outsourcing your facility management to experienced professionals allows you to focus on business development and your core competencies. Our online service request form frees up your personnel to concentrate on more important responsibilities.

Reduce Downtime

System downtime can have a significant impact on business operations and profitability. External facility management companies can be on call 24 hours a day to respond to any concerns and have the correct equipment and networks to respond to concerns in a timely manner.

Extend System Lifespans

A preventative maintenance program allows you to prioritize the appropriate maintenance and attention to key systems, extending their lifespan and keeping them running in optimal condition

Cost Savings

Third party professionals bring the skill, expertise, and tools in a diverse range of services allowing you to minimize the costs of managing your facility. It also allows you to properly stay on top of ongoing maintenance and repairs, as well as new construction needs without high call-out fees and project management stress.

Single Point of Contact

Choosing a facility management company with a wide range of service offerings allows for a single point of contact for convenient maintenance of all your facility maintenance needs. Our online service request form makes submitting a request for service quick an easy.

Proper Insurance

Outsourcing your facility maintenance can reduce your insurance costs and liability.  We are insured with $5 million of liability insurance coverage. Our company is also properly WCB insured.

COR Safety Certified

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is bestowed on companies that have invested into ensuring their health and safety practices meet exacting standards. We ensure safe work practices, providing you peace of mind and hassle-free property maintenance.

Talk to us about a maintenance plan to preserve the value of your facility.