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Welcome to Thrive Academy! 
Thrive Academy was created to help companies manage their properties better.  These resources are aimed at solving some of the problems you might face on a day-to-day basis, and provide information to make your job easier and more stress-free. 

Recent Articles

How Upgrading Just One Easy Component of Your Irrigation System Can Cut Your Bills in Half

In our research, we have found that upgrading one particular component has the greatest advantage over any other system upgrades.
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Snow and Ice Management Glossary

Here is a glossary of terms that you may run across when discussing snow and ice management solutions for your property needs during the winter months.
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Melting Snow and Ice: Should You Pre-treat or Post-treat?

Some snow crews work before bad weather hits by applying a solution that helps melt snow and ice on impact. Others wait for the weather to happen... Which is better? Cheaper?
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Did we miss something?  Do you have a suggestion for information that would make your job easier?  Drop us a line to let us know!