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LE construction and maintenance  was created to help companies manage their properties better.  These resources are aimed at solving some of the problems you might face on a day-to-day basis, and provide information to make your job easier and more stress-free.

Landscape Maintenance Articles

Irrigation Head Repairs
Our technicians were down in Sundance on Thursday doing a line repair to a irrigation system. The line was attached to the middle of a head, instead of the bottom.
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Look at those Lines!
You’d think it were a golf course, but this is actually someone’s backyard in Rockyview MD. Our team loves putting in the extra time to make sure these green landscapes
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Hole in one!
Jon nailed it with this one! With the help of his team, this amazing little putting green came together, along with landscaping. It looks great, and the balls roll so
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The Secrets for Growing Green Grass
To those who aren’t in landscape maintenance, growing beautiful, healthy grass can seem like dark magic. Learn the techniques we use.
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The Benefits of a Green Roof
Buildings with green roofs (also known as living roofs) are becoming more popular for the financial, human, and environmental advantages they supply.
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Custom Planters
Custom planters for a client of ours in downtown Calgary!
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