Safety First


We are committed to safe work standards and practices. To demonstrate our commitment, we meet the exacting standards required for COR Certification and adhere to the requirements of third-party compliance management companies Contractor Check and Comply Works. Our staff are safety trained through in-house programs as well as programs facilitated by the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

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We ensure safe work practices, providing you peace of mind and hassle-free property maintenance. Here’s how our focus on safety helps your business:

Safer Work = Better Work

A positive safety work climate encourages employees to do their work properly. Research shows that companies that put safety first turn out higher quality results. A safe job culture promotes keeping your premises maintained to higher standards.

Reduced Business Cost

Unsafe work practices result in lost manpower, delays, and increased overhead. We understand that safety not only protects people but keeps the cost of our services competitive. Additionally, our safe job practices work to eliminate property damage and hazards.

Protecting Your Reputation

How your business is perceived by your clients and staff is important to us. Our safety mindset goes beyond our crews and encompasses those who access and enjoy your property. We understand that accidents and carelessness erode the reputation you have worked hard to build.

Our COR Certified Safety Program Includes:

calgary landscape employee supervisionStaff Training

Each of our staff has been put through job specific and equipment training before being allowed on site. We train our staff in defensive driving, the proper operation of equipment, the specific tools required for the job, and awareness and understanding the surrounding environment and potential hazards.  Read more about our commitment to training here.

regular safety meetings jpgRegular Safety Meetings

General safety “tool box” meetings are conducted on a weekly basis for construction projects and once monthly for maintenance contracts.

daily field level hazard assessment jpgDaily Hazard Assessments

A site-specific hazard assessment is completed for each site we maintain. The assessment is put in every crew’s manual and is kept updated over time. Hazard assessments are reviewed at the start of each shift.

safety near miss incident reporting jpgIncident and Near Miss Reports

Our safety process is continually improving with the capture of near misses and actual incidents. This includes any instance of injury, vehicle or property damage, or noticing anything that has been lost in the process. Contingency plans are put in place to prevent repeat occurrences.

lawn maintenance mechanic jpgWell-maintained Equipment

Well-maintained equipment is enough of a priority for us that we employ in-house mechanic staff to ensure that our equipment runs smoothly and safely.

Thank you!

Thank you for partnering with us in safety!  If you’re not yet a customer, contact our sales team for your landscape construction and maintenance needs.