Making Your Property Shine

Professional landscape maintenance is one of the easiest ways to preserve the appeal of your property, keeping it in top shape all year long. We are deeply experienced in all types of properties (including live roof certification), and all aspects of landscape maintenance and landscape construction including arborist and irrigation services, snow removal, optimal plant health techniques, concrete repair, and resolving drainage issues.

Stress-Free Landscape Maintenance

Make the Right Impression – Our maintenance services leave a positive impression on your visitors, tenants and employees so they can enjoy the spaces in which they live and work.

Dependable, Reliable, Well-trained Staff

We know you have better things to do than babysit maintenance crews.  We offer reliable scheduling with dependable, well-trained crews (who have worked with us an average 3 years) using the right, well-maintained equipment for the job so you can focus on other priorities.

Expert Care and Advice

We are experts on the variety of needs of your properties, ready and able to advise on ways to preserve value and aesthetics, ensure optimal health, and stay a step ahead on maintenance that could cost you down the road if not dealt with sooner.

Optimal Plant Health

Landscape maintenance is much more than mowing a lawn.  Our staff has the experience necessary to ensure the health of your grass, gardens, shrubs, and trees.

Eco-Friendly Maintenance

We help you to do your part in capturing carbon and reducing the environmental footprint of your property.  See how we take care of this for you here.

Proper Insurance

We are insured with $5 million of liability insurance coverage. Our company is also properly WCB insured.

COR Safety Certified

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is bestowed on companies that have invested into ensuring their health and safety practices meet exacting standards. We ensure safe work practices, providing you peace of mind and hassle-free property maintenance.

Well-maintained Equipment

Not only do we have the right equipment for the job, our in-house mechanic staff ensure our equipment is well-maintained and ready for work.

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