We have invested significantly into creating and implementing team member training processes to grow, develop, and train our staff. Our commitment to continuing education encourages our people to be the best they can, work safely, and care about the work they perform. Read below for more information about the specifics of our every-member training process.

Our Training Process

calgary landscape staff training
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We care about things that matter to you and your customers.  Because of this passion, we invest into training and developing the talent and skill of our crews. This training has multiple benefits for you:

Skilled Work

We pride ourselves in sending skilled staff to do a good job. By investing in training, we help to ensure better service, and a better result for you. Investing in the skill of our staff has also encouraged longevity, resulting in crews continuing to bring more and more experience in properly maintaining your properties.

Responsible Work

By investing in our staff, we better enable them to invest in you. We have found that prioritizing the continuing education of our people encourages an attitude that goes past just getting the job done. Instead, our staff take responsibility to go above and beyond.

Safe Work

In addition to training our staff on how to perform their jobs with skill, we also put responsible work practices in place and emphasize safety training. Safer work leads to better work. Read more about our commitment to safety here.

Our Training Process

Our comprehensive training strategy is broken down into three steps:  Orientation, Job Skills, Continuing Education Options.

calgary landscape staff training

Proper Orientation

calgary landscape employee orientation

New Employee Orientation

New employees are trained on company policies, safety standards, rights (e.g. the right to refuse unsafe work), and job specific duties.

calgary landscape employee supervision

Crew Lead Supervision

Employees are placed under the direction of an experienced crew lead who supervises safe work procedures and proper execution of tasks.

calgary landscape employee evaluation

Evaluation and Training

Before being allowed on customer sites, our people are put through evaluation and training to ensure proper levels of skill and safety.

Job Skills

equipment training

Our staff undergo a variety of training programs to enable them to safely and effectively perform their jobs. Some of the in-house training we conduct:

Continuing Education

Our staff members are encouraged to undertake additional training through the Olds College Horticulture Program and The Alberta Construction Safety Association

olds college horticulture programs
acsa training programs

Thank you!

It’s our pleasure to serve you, your customers, and your staff through continuous development and improvement.

If you’re not yet a customer, contact our sales team for your landscape construction and maintenance needs.