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Spring Cleanup time!

Our crews installed an irrigation system for a front yard / back yard in Acadia. The system uses the Hunter X2 Controller head with WeatherSense to detect the best times to water and prevent overwatering. Feeder lines were installed to keep the garden beds irrigated with the proper amount of water for the shrubs and plants.

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Snow Management – The First 48

Ever wondered what it’s like to manage a snow event? Check out this video to find out more!

calgaryproperty maintenancetree caretrees

Calgary Home and Garden Show

Spring is starting to creep up on us! Hard to believe it isn’t already here with another round of warm weather. We’re excited to announce that our tree division, LE Tree Care, is going to be at the Calgary Home and Garden Show. Check out their exhibitor listing here.
See you there!

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LMN Portal

Here’s a quick snapshot of a valuable tool we share with our clients. Our online portal allows clients to see what’s happening on their site. Full details regarding services rendered are provided, what the current forecast was at the time of being on site, and when we were there, are all available. This has proved to be invaluable as it allows full transparency with our clients. There’s never a question of if we were there, or what we did.

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Retaining Wall

Project highlight: new retaining wall for a commercial building out in Springbank. LE Construction removed an old, disintegrating stucco wall and constructed this new pressure treated wood retaining wall. We think the team did great, and the client was super happy with the result!

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Snow Check at Heritage Meadows

Here it comes! Hanging out in Deerfoot Meadows, the snow is really beginning to fly. You can bet the team will be busy tonight. All hands will be on deck sanding, shoveling, and spreading ice melt.