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Three Divisions, One Job

Team work makes the dream work, three divisions converged to created a new access for a long time client. LE Tree Care toppled three trees. LE Paving came in and cleaned up the area, excavated for a new drive lane and paved it in. LE Landscapes tore down the old fence and restrung a new fence while salvaging the existing gates for the client keeping the costs low.

calgaryconstructionparking lot maintenance

Sub surface Prep and Paving

It was pretty exciting to be invited to not only prepare the subgrade, but do the paving as well recently at a project for Logel Homes! This project was for a new condo building in Seton. Check out a quick video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/az9LES_AgcA?feature=share

calgaryconstructionlandscape construction

Almost there!

We’re in the home stretch at Avenida…. cladding is almost all done, just needs trim. Throw in some hydroseeding, and that’s a wrap!

calgaryde-icingice managementsnow clearingsnow managementsnow plowing

Snow Removal & Ice Breaking

The LE plow team is out cleaning up sites around the foothills industrial in Calgary’s south east after the recent snow fall. New ice breaking attachment that is zero emission, safe for concrete, asphalt surfaces and good to work at any temperature!

northeast calgarysnow clearingsnow maintenancesnow managementsnow plowing

A New Way to Pile Snow

We recently acquired a telehandler to further improve our ability to not only move snow… but pile it up higher than traditional loaders. The huge advantage with this is in the ability to lift snow higher up, effectively reducing its footprint on drive lanes.

ice managementice meltslips and fallssnow clearing

Winter in Northeast Calgary

Winter in Calgary can provide some really nice visuals! This photos from the northeast, in Saddletowne, offered some great visuals of the clouds during a routine ice melt run. Even though the snow wasn’t flying we were still out there making sure the walkways were safe for pedestrians.

calgaryice managementsnow clearingsnow managementtownship

Ice Checks!

Even though we’ve been enjoying some warmer weather, the teams are still busy checking sites for ice to ensure walkways are nice and safe for the public. This is a great photos from Township in south Calgary!

Foothills Industriallandscape maintenance

Barlow Crossing

Here’s some pics from Barlow Crossing, a site we maintain in the Foothills Industrial area. Nice green grass, trees look great, and some great areas to sit and relax!

calgaryirrigationirrigation repairsirrigation valve

Valve Troubleshooting

Eugenio, one of our irrigation technicians, was busy troubleshooting a valve. We discovered the issue during our mid-season inspections. This supports that, even though things worked at startup, issues can still occur.

asphaltparking lot maintenanceroads

Laying the pavement!

The asphalt crew was hard at work installing brand new asphalt for a safe and smooth drive

calgaryconstructionlandscape constructionlandscape design

All done!

Our landscape construction project in Sunridge is a wrap. Curbing is done, plants are in place, and the decorative stone gives the final touches.

irrigationirrigation repairslandscape maintenancelandscapingmaintenancerepairs

Mid Season Inspections

It’s that time of year! LE Irrigation is out doing routine mid season inspections for their clients. It’s great to have this service in-house, as we’re able to quickly respond to any potential issues and keep that grass looking green.

asphaltcalgaryparking lot maintenanceroads

Asphalt work in Sage Hill

The LE Roads team was up in Sage Hill yesterday doing some asphalt work in a new condo complex. Cold seams along with three grading revisions.

irrigationirrigation repairsokotoks

Mainline Repairs

Our irrigation team was out in Okotoks recently to perform mainline repairs on a irrigation system. Despite the site maintenance being given to a competitor, we were still called in to complete the repairs because of our ability to quickly identify and rectify issues.

calgarygolflandscape constructionlandscape designlandscape maintenancelandscapingturf

Hole in one!

Jon nailed it with this one! With the help of his team, this amazing little putting green came together, along with landscaping. It looks great, and the balls roll so smooth… time for some practice!


Backyard transformation

Huge difference! LE Tree Care removed some large pine trees from a backyard, and the LE Construction team came in after to do new landscaping. You can’t even tell the trees were there! The sloping was also corrected to address water running down the foundation.

calgaryconstructionirrigationlandscapelandscape designplants

Still looking great!

We followed up on some landscape construction work from 2021. The new flowers are still looking fantastic! It’s always great to see these projects look as good as when they were new.

airportcalgarylandscape maintenancelandscapingspring

Spring is here

It’s tough to see the blue sky, but warm weather is here! Hanging out at one of our airport sites, it’s great to see all the activity again.

calgarydeerfoot meadowslandscape maintenanceparking lot maintenancetrees

Doing the rounds

We’re going through another round of snow, but its not all that bad…. Here’s a couple great spring cleanup photos that will make you excited for warmer weather!

calgaryproperty maintenancetree caretrees

Spring Cleanup time!

Our crews installed an irrigation system for a front yard / back yard in Acadia. The system uses the Hunter X2 Controller head with WeatherSense to detect the best times to water and prevent overwatering. Feeder lines were installed to keep the garden beds irrigated with the proper amount of water for the shrubs and plants.

calgaryparking lot maintenancesnow clearingsnow maintenance

Cleaned and prepped!

The guys are busy at our shop in Foothills Industrial. Our snow brushes are finally done with their work this winter. They sure have been through it all, and now they can rest easy, all cleaned and polished, ready for the next winter season!

brineice meltparking lot maintenancesaltsnow clearing

Snow Management – The First 48

Ever wondered what it’s like to manage a snow event? Check out this video to find out more!

calgaryproperty maintenancetree caretrees

Calgary Home and Garden Show

Spring is starting to creep up on us! Hard to believe it isn’t already here with another round of warm weather. We’re excited to announce that our tree division, LE Tree Care, is going to be at the Calgary Home and Garden Show. Check out their exhibitor listing here.
See you there!

onlineparking lot maintenanceportalproperty maintenancesaltsnow clearing

LMN Portal

Here’s a quick snapshot of a valuable tool we share with our clients. Our online portal allows clients to see what’s happening on their site. Full details regarding services rendered are provided, what the current forecast was at the time of being on site, and when we were there, are all available. This has proved to be invaluable as it allows full transparency with our clients. There’s never a question of if we were there, or what we did.

constructionlandscaperetaining wallspringbank

Retaining Wall

Project highlight: new retaining wall for a commercial building out in Springbank. LE Construction removed an old, disintegrating stucco wall and constructed this new pressure treated wood retaining wall. We think the team did great, and the client was super happy with the result!

calgaryheritage meadowsproperty maintenancesnow checksnow management

Snow Check at Heritage Meadows

Here it comes! Hanging out in Deerfoot Meadows, the snow is really beginning to fly. You can bet the team will be busy tonight. All hands will be on deck sanding, shoveling, and spreading ice melt.

calgaryflowerslandscape constructionlandscape maintenancespringtrees

Welcome to Spring

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