The First 48 Hours (When It Snows…)

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Calgary business owners and property managers turn to LECM for comprehensive, thoroughly planned, stress-free snow and ice management services.

Yes, we said stress-free.

Given the hectic snow events that Calgary can produce, that may sound a little far-fetched. But it’s true. LECM works relentlessly to take the stress out of snow and ice management for our customers.

Even if snow falls for only a few hours in a day, our crews are mobilized for a 48-hour window surrounding every snow event.

Let’s explore what happens behind the scenes at LECM before, during, and after it snows.

The First 48 Hours… Starts Now

24 Hours Before Snow Event – Planning

LECM begins its work by monitoring the weather forecast to establish when the snow will start flying and how much accumulation is expected.

A tentative schedule is developed. Crew assignments are made, and crew members are notified of the upcoming snow event and team briefing.

In-house mechanics review all equipment to make sure it is ready to go. Heavy equipment is fueled and maintained, and all equipment is thoroughly checked out to minimize the potential for ‘hiccups’ or breakdowns. Backup equipment is on-hand at the shop to ensure downtime is minimized in the event of equipment failure.

16 Hours Before – Team Briefing

Our crew gathers at the shop to discuss plans and assignments for the forthcoming event. Everyone is sent home to be well-rested and ready to go before the snowing starts.

8 Hours Before – Client Notification

Clients are notified that a snow event is anticipated and we’re ready for it.

4 Hours Before – Liquid De-Icer Team

LECM crews begin surface preparation by spraying our proprietary liquid de-icer at the site. This melts the first few millimetres of accumulation as it falls. You can see how we make this solution in our liquid de-icer factory here.

ZERO HOUR – Sidewalk Team

As the snow begins to fall, our crews start clearing surfaces following each site’s priority zones based on the clearance priority specified in the customer’s contract, with Zone 1 areas cleared first (e.g. front entrances, high traffic areas, loading ramps, etc.).

Sidewalk brushing machines push away the bulk, then shovel crews clear tight spots where devices cannot reach and distribute ice melt by hand where needed.

Crews have access to notes about each site on their cell phones. We hit Zone 1 surfaces during continuous snowfall and return later to work on zones the customer has communicated as a lower priority zone. Many Zone 1 areas will receive multiple visits from our snow crews.

For snow events that begin at awkward times (e.g. when the business is open, there are a lot of parked cars in the lots, lots of sidewalk traffic), our crews do what is safe and possible on their initial visits and come back in the evening to complete the bulk of the work.

2 Hours After – Plowing Team

Our plows come through to scrape up and clear snow and ice without damaging concrete and asphalt.

4 Hours After – Sanding Team

Our sanding trucks drive through the site, spreading gravel and sand as needed to provide additional traction. Care is taken to apply only the amount of gravel and sand required to manage client costs responsibly and to prevent extra lot sweeping in the spring.

6 Hours After – Detail Team (Conditional Clearing)

Our detail team visits the site on foot to check for areas that need extra attention, such as sidewalks behind columns, and around planters.

8 Hours After – Liquid De-Icer Team

Our liquid de-icer team returns for another application in an effort to get sidewalks and parking lots as close to bare concrete and asphalt as we can.

12 Hours After – Site Assessment and Team Follow-Ups

Even if snow is no longer falling, skeleton crews visit to assess the site condition and distribute ice melt as needed.

24 Hours After – Site Assessment and Team Follow-Ups

Even on days when snow isn’t falling, you can see our skeleton crews perform site visits to assess the site condition and safety. We check for melting, ice buildup, curb spots, damaged signs, and other variables. We will verify that the city sidewalk, loading ramps, pedestrian ramps, and tight areas are clear or need a repeat visit by the appropriate LECM team.

And there you have it!

Now that you’ve learned why so many Calgary business owners and property managers turn to LECM for comprehensive snow and ice management services, give us a call to learn how we can take the stress out of winter weather for your property.

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