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About LE Irrigation Calgary

LE Irrigation is a division of the property maintenance services branch of its parent company LE Construction and Maintenance.  Over the years, it has grown in Calgary due to a passion for creating spaces that flourish and thrive for residential and commercial clients alike.  We focus on providing services that create sustainable solutions–ones that save time, money, and effort for our clients every year as well as those that promote environmentally responsible options.

Today, LE Irrigation is an irrigation company trusted by organizations like the City of Calgary, the province of Alberta, MEC, Colliers International, and others. 

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Premiere Irrigation Services In Calgary


Residential Install

Protect your landscaping investment with a professionally installed, underground sprinkler system. Our services begin with installing backflow valves to prevent water contamination, as required by law. Beyond that, system components will vary based on the exact needs of your property and vegetation. Residential systems often include lawn areas, hanging basket zones, and drip systems for gardens, as well as wi-fi enabled controllers.


Commercial Install

Seeing a healthy, thriving landscape on your site significantly impacts customers and employees alike. Our skilled, environmentally conscious irrigation installation teams have experience with everything from rooftop planters to main floor landscapes. We install high-quality irrigation systems with the lowest possible water consumption and handle all aspects of your project, from backflow valves to trenching lines and setting up wi-fi-enabled controllers.



Sometimes it’s easy to tell that your irrigation system needs repair, such as a sudden increase in the water bill or finding dry patches or puddles on your lawn. Other times, system issues are not so obvious. Our Calgary irrigation service team will consult on and troubleshoot your system. Repair services include wire tracing, mainline and lateral line repairs, valve service, and replacement of valves, heads, and controllers.  We also make sure that landscaped areas are restored after repair work is completed.



A high-quality sprinkler system activation process each spring in Calgary is an investment that pays dividends all year long. We give your system its annual checkup – inspecting and adjusting irrigation heads, checking valves for leaks, adjusting spray patterns, verifying that drip lines are running properly, and setting up the controller watering schedule. Backflow testing is also available.



Just as a quality start-up each year pays many dividends, so does a thorough shut-down. Proper winterization includes more than simply turning off the water. Before shutting down the system, we blow out your system multiple times with a compressor to prevent trapped water from freezing and cracking the underground sprinkler lines.



Irrigation system technology has progressed significantly in the last few years. Recent advances have been focused on creating healthier landscapes for shrubs, trees, and grass while using less water with less hassle. We can recommend a variety of options for new and existing systems that save both time and money.

We can also upgrade your existing controllers to save up to 50% on water bills and accommodate weather monitoring and remote adjustments over wi-fi. We install drip systems in garden areas and upgrade irrigation heads to save water. Adding master valves with flow sensors can automatically shut down your system in response to a line break emergency.

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