water features

Few things are more attractive on a property than a beautiful water feature. Turn your landscape into a private oasis by featuring a waterfall, fountain, or natural pond.

Our crews have deep landscaping experience and are experts at installing waterfalls, ponds, and fountains that seamlessly blend in and complement their surrounding landscapes.

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Waterfalls (Cascading)

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Waterfalls (Freefall)

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Natural Ponds

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Installing a filtration system keeps the water in your feature clean and sanitary. Your filtration requirements will depend on its size, water features, fish population, vegetation, and exposure to sunlight. There are options available such as natural plants, protein skimmers, submersible filters, gravity filters, or chemical treatments.

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Water Movement
Water movement is essential to lessen the number of bugs and algae growth in your water feature. Waterfalls, fountains, pumps, or aeration devices can be installed to ensure that water does not become stagnant or a breeding ground for insects.

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Irrigation Lighting
Adding irrigation lighting increases the attractiveness of any water feature far into the evening hours. Traditional lighting options or those that include colours and the ability to sync with music can draw the right attention to enhance your water feature.

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Aggregates like river rocks, blast rocks, or brick and block pavers can be installed to enhance the landscapes surrounding your water feature.

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Fish can be an attractive addition to your water feature.  For fish to thrive, a water depth of at least 3′ is required.  Proper depth regulates temperature and prevents birds from snatching them.

Remember! Water evaporates, especially in hot weather, so be sure to consider how water can be regularly added to your water feature. The amount of water that needs to be added will vary depending on the feature size, amount of water movement, hot weather, wind, and sun exposure.