How Upgrading Just One Easy Component of Your Irrigation System Can Cut Your Bills in Half

increase irrigation controller efficiency

An Upgrade that Pays For Itself

As part of our commitment to helping you thrive, we recommend an upgrade to your sprinkler system that will more than pay for itself in convenience and cost savings.

Irrigation system technology has come a long way in the last few years. These technological advances have been focused on creating healthier landscapes for shrubs, trees, and grass while using less water with less hassle.

Did you know? Proper watering is the single biggest factor in growing healthy, green grass.

In our research, we have found that upgrading one particular component—the controller—has the greatest advantage over any other system upgrades. The controller is responsible for monitoring and managing the water being used by the irrigation system.

In our opinion, one controller in particular—the Hunter X2—outshines the rest for a few reasons:

It Works with Your Existing System

Some controllers require an upgrade to valves or wiring in order to work. Worse yet, some systems obligate you to work with only one specific vendor. Our recommended controller can replace existing ones and can grow and adapt to your needs… under your control and on your schedule.

Monitors and Predicts Weather

The Hunter X2 Controller can be configured with Hydrawise so that your irrigation system connects to and monitors weather stations to predict the best watering times or determine when it is better not to water at all. Local weather adjustments with predictive watering can save up to 50% on water bills.

Increased Management and Control

The Hunter X2 Controller allows for remote scheduling, system reporting, status alerts, mobile or desktop access, and manual override to allow complete control of your system, both on and off site. You can even configure the system to work with Alexa to control your system using voice commands. 🙀

Modular, Scalable, Upgradeable

The Hunter X2 Controller can be upgraded with modular components and a variety of sensors based on your needs. Flow control sensors, master on/off valves, a Wi-Fi/smart chip, and rain sensors, etc. provide increased control over your property’s requirements.

Alerts and Leak Detection

Alerts let you manage your system and stay ahead of potential problems. You can be notified instantly for issues such as leaks and damaged or faulty sprinkler heads and other information to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency.


We believe in this product so much that we will let you amortize your Hunter X2 controller upgrade so that you can budget and pay for the system while it saves you money (included in a three-year irrigation service contract for spring system start up and fall blow out).

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