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A good customer experience doesn’t begin at the reception desk, or in the lobby, it starts outside when a customer enters the parking lot.  These outdoor spaces are where customers form their first impressions of your business.  We help make these first moments count.

We specialize in making you look your best to your clients and tenants, while preserving your important assets and extending the lifespan of your parking lots, asphalt, and concrete spaces.

From small patch jobs to designing, grading and paving entire parking lots, our crews have years of expert experience working with asphalt and concrete.  We have crews and equipment to handle everything from small pothole repairs to asphalt jobs up to 6000 ft2

Asphalt & Concrete

New, repair or replace

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  • overlays and sealing
  • pothole patching
  • lowering and raising manholes (and other drainage issues)
  • milling (grinding out old asphalt)
  • removal and replacement
  • excavation and grading
  • curbs, pathways, and sidewalks (new, repair, or replace)
  • crack filling
  • line painting
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The Death of a Parking Lot

What creates higher repair costs for your parking lot?
Visit our Thrive Academy knowledgebase to learn more about what leads to the death of a parking lot. 

See how we make winter stress-free through our on-time, dependable and reliable well-trained staff, weather monitoring, ice melt application, well-maintained equipment, daily tracking, photo logs, proper insurance, curb and parking curb stop repair, and COR safety certified services.

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See our night crews in action clearing snow with machinery that is proven to be faster, more cost effective, and safer.
See our liquid deicer custom make the right mix of ingredients for the weather forecast to pass along significant savings to our clients and ensure a better end result.

Every spring, our crews perform parking lot maintenance in Calgary, sweeping and curb repair to bring parking lots back to peak condition.

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