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LE construction and maintenance was created to help companies manage their properties better.  These resources are aimed at solving some of the problems you might face on a day-to-day basis, and provide information to make your job easier and more stress-free. Articles & Resources

Recent Articles

Stirring up the organics pile

It was time to stir up our homemade organics pile at our central facility in Ogden. LE Construction & Maintenance prides itself in its recovery of organics from client sites and is able to re-use it on future projects.

The new way to clean curb stops

The LE team came up with an ingenious new way to clean curb stops! Check out our machine in action down in south Calgary.

Rolling Out

It might not be the official first day of winter yet, but the snow didn’t wait. Here’s the first official roll out of the plows for the season!

The benefit of a fertilization program

Here’s a fantastic example of seeing the benefit of a fertilization program against a property that doesn’t have a program in place. With just a few treatments, and regular watering, properties can easily look as green as the grass on the left aide of the fence! The property is much more inviting and desirable to current and prospective tenants.

Let the blowouts continue

Winter is just around the corner… our irrigation team is almost all done with their blowouts for the year.

Sunken Manhole Repair

It was finally time to fix this manhole at the Blackfoot Farmers Market. Our asphalt team removed all the old asphalt around the cover, cut down the collar, and replaced it with a shiny new manhole cover.

Brand new toys!

Fresh and shiny new Kubota Nordik edition tractors, ready for service! These tractors significantly enhance the ability to provide the highest quality service in any weather condition. Matched up with our live edge blades client parking lots will look better than ever in any snowfall.

Checking in

Following up on a job at 2891 Sunridge Way NE, these plants look amazing! They were freshly planted just over a month ago, and have added some great new features to the building entrances.

Winter Blowouts

That time of the year has caught up with us… winter blowouts. It’s been a great summer, but the team has now started their rounds prepping irrigation systems for winter. If you need your system prepped for the cold months, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Heres some photos of another fresh batch of screened soil being made at our central yard today. Our screener has proved to be invaluable in reclaiming soils and aggregates for future projects. This process is one of many green initiatives LE implements into our practices. The soil is successfully diverted from the landfill, and provides quality products for client projects.

Just some Friday morning landscape maintenance and construction

Fall might be creeping up, but the landscape construction teams were still busy! Here’s some crisp, clean grass and retaining wall photos as we head into the weekend.

Irrigation Main Line Repair

The irrigation team visited Canyon Meadows Cinema yesterday to tackle a 2″ irrigation mainline repair. After a bunch of digging, they found the issue and made the repair! This should hold for a while….

Aggregate Recycling

We’re extremely proud of our ability to recycle aggregates in house! Not only does this help divert materials from landfills, it also helps us keep a supply of gravel on hand for snow events. Keeping material available allows the team to keep costs down and increase response times. In the photo below, the hand with the coarse rock has been sifted and us ready for re-use. The hand on top is aggregate that has been ground down and no longer usable for parking lots. The sand will be repurposed at our yard.

Weeping tile Installation

LE’s Construction team is out in Innisfail for the next few weeks. Scope of work is excavating around the RCMP building to install new weeping tile. The crew is always excited when they get to dig!

Drainage remediation

The miller was at it again! This tool has proved to be invaluable for small scale repairs. The jobs are quicker, more efficient, and saves the client time and money. Did you know, asphalt is most recycled construction material on earth?!?

Prep and install of a swale

The asphalt team was out last week to create a swale in an existing parking lot. Our milling attachment for our skid steer makes the job easy and efficient, without the need for any saw cutting! The new surface lines up perfectly with its surroundings, making this one impressive project that will leave you feeling satisfied by our workmanship.

Irrigation Head Repairs

Our technicians were down in Sundance on Thursday doing a line repair to a irrigation system. The line was attached to the middle of a head, instead of the bottom. This prevented water from being properly flushed out during the fall blowout.

New curb and planting project

The crew was up in Sunridge this week installing some new concrete curb, along with new plantings by the buildings entrances. The project design and construction were all done in house.

Look at those Lines!

You’d think it were a golf course, but this is actually someone’s backyard in Rockyview MD. Our team loves putting in the extra time to make sure these green landscapes look sharp.

The First 48 Hours (When It Snows…)

Even if snow falls for only a few hours in a day, our crews are mobilized for a 48 hour window surrounding every snow event. See what happens behind the scenes at LECM…

Making Our Own Liquid Deicing Solution

We’ve been working with liquid anti-ice since 2017 and we have been so convinced by the results that we have invested in the infrastructure and equipment to manufacture and apply it to the properties we work on.

How Mulch Can Really Help Your Trees Thrive

Is mulch the secret ingredient to healthy trees? It definitely helps. People often perceive its use as strictly aesthetic, but it actually provides a number of benefits for a tree.

How to Tell if a Tree is Healthy… in 60 Seconds

Trees add a tremendous amount of value to a property. There are signs we can all look for in a 60 second tree health assessment to identify potential problems early on.

The Secrets for Growing Green Grass

To those who aren’t in landscape maintenance, growing beautiful, healthy grass can seem like dark magic. Learn the techniques we use.

The Benefits of a Green Roof

Buildings with green roofs (also known as living roofs) are becoming more popular for the financial, human, and environmental advantages they supply.

The Death of a Parking Lot

Failing to resolve a few key parking lot issues can be five times more expensive than the alternative. No exaggeration. We will break it down and show you what to look out for.

Custom Planters

Custom planters for a client of ours in downtown Calgary!

Bocce Ball?

Bocce Ball anyone? This downtown court will be green and vibrant in no time!

Some Irrigation Insights from Industry Experts

Minimizing your irrigation system taxes the health of your grass and plants which in turn allows more weeds, pests, sparseness, and poor soil conditions.

Street Sweeping Season

Trees need watering in April

Trees Need Watering… in April

Trees and shrubs in commercial landscapes, especially those in parking lots, need water at the beginning of the growth season for them to do their best.

Parking Lot Repairs – Emergency Patching and More

Time to start thinking about asphalt repairs to your parking lots and drive lanes! LE is able to provide cost effective, efficient asphalt patching for a large range of asphalt surfaces.

Late spring snow removal

Meta Description: It’s not too late to get your property ready for the summer! Contact us today for a free quote on snow removal services.

Why Trees Die in Parking Lots and What You Can Do About It

In Calgary, parking lot trees are often a sorry sight and require replacement every few years. If that sounds expensive to you, you’re right. Here’s what you can do…

Why Adding Mulch is Your Best Low-Cost Plant Health Option

If we could recommend only one improvement for your tree, shrub, and plant spaces, it would be adding or topping up a mulch layer. Why?

Using Less Salt to Melt Snow Using Organic Alternatives: Molasses or Beet Brine

Many municipalities are experimenting with including organic additives in their anti-icing and snow melting brine formulas. Two common options are molasses and beet brine.

Should You Create Snow Piles in Your Parking Lot?

Snow piles are a pretty common sight in parking lots around Calgary during the winter. But have you ever asked yourself, “Is this good for business?”

Save Money on Parking Lot Sweeping… Next Year

We like to pay attention to areas where wasted client money goes unnoticed. The following tips are worth keeping in mind when negotiating your next winter maintenance contract.

How Upgrading Just One Easy Component of Your Irrigation System Can Cut Your Bills in Half

In our research, we have found that upgrading one particular irrigation component has the greatest advantage over any other system upgrades.

Snow and Ice Management Glossary

Here is a glossary of terms that you may run across when discussing snow and ice management solutions for your property needs during the winter months.

It’s sweeping time

It might not officially be spring yet, but it’s the right time to start sweeping some lots!

Stress Free Winters?

We have put together our best tips and tricks for a stress-free winter that we have realized first hand, learned from experience, and implemented after extensive industry research. 

And, we are giving it away for free. 

Did we miss something?  Do you have a suggestion for information that would make your job easier?  Drop us a line to let us know!