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LE construction and maintenance was created to help companies manage their properties better.  These resources are aimed at solving some of the problems you might face on a day-to-day basis, and provide information to make your job easier and more stress-free. Articles & Resources

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Excavation, Base Prep, and New Asphalt

LE Paving recently completed a project in southeast Calgary involving demolition, excavation, subgrade prep, and the laying of new asphalt. What made this project unique was that all of these …

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Starting Landscape Construction

LE Landscapes had a busy day today as they prepped a site for new landscape construction in southwest Calgary. The scope of work for this project includes installing new irrigation, …

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Condo Complex Tree Cleanup

LE Tree Care, a well-known tree care service provider, recently completed a tree removal project at a busy condo complex in southeast Calgary. The highly skilled and ISA certified arborist, …

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It’s a Great Day for New roads!

LE Paving has been hard at work this week at Great Plains Plaza, replacing old and damaged roads with fresh new asphalt. Using their expertise in asphalt removal, the team …

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Getting Prepared

The winter is coming soon, and it is important to prepare the machines that will be used to battle the snow before it starts to fall. LE Maintenance knows this …

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Wrapping up Blow out Season

As winter creeps ever closer, the team at LE Irrigation was up in Northeast Calgary beginning their final week of irrigation blowouts. Bright and early they are out, eager to …

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Stacking some block

LE Paving is one step ahead for the upcoming snowy months by installing concrete lego blocks to precisely mark snow pile areas. It’s a smart move towards making winter maintenance …

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Leaves Are Falling, Time for Turf Sweeping!

As the leaves begin to fall and the colors of autumn start to emerge, it’s clear that the season is changing. But with those gorgeous falling leaves also comes the …

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And the blowouts continue

As the temperatures start dropping, our attention turns towards preparing for the winter ahead. With Calgary’s frigid weather, getting the blowouts done early is crucial to prevent any damage from …

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Fall Cleanups Have Begun

Fall is a magical time of year when the leaves start to change and the air gets a crisp chill to it. But with all of that beauty, also comes …

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Rise and Shine!

Early mornings can be tough, but for LE Paving, it’s all part of the job. Cochrane was buzzing with activity as the team was out in full force, working hard …

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New Electrical Vault

LE Landscapes recently had the opportunity to work on a unique project in Seton. Our team was tasked with installing a brand-new electrical vault for a client, and we were …

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Blow-out Season has Begun!

The season is changing and so is the focus for LE Irrigation. It’s blow-out season! With winter fast approaching, it’s crucial to prepare your irrigation system properly to avoid any …

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Golf Course or Commercial Space?

John from the LE Maintenance team has certainly outdone himself with his fine passion for lines! With his sharp eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to his craft, he …

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Checking In

The LE Irrigation team is a group of professionals who are known for their exceptional ability to blend their work into the landscape seamlessly. Their expertise in both irrigation and …

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Tree Removal at our Front Door

LE Tree Care did an exceptional job taking down a dead tree right outside of our main office today. Nick fearlessly climbed up the tree while Brad supported and coordinated …

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New Swale and Storm Drain Structure

LE Paving had a busy day today completing a milling and paving project in the southeast corner of Calgary. We even corrected a storm drain structure that was built with …

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Completing Phase 1 at Stonepine

Have you heard about the new boulevard being completed at Stonepine, on the west side of Calgary? It’s an impressive project that has been designed in-house and promises to bring …

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Blown Irrigation Pipe Repairs

LE Irrigation was out in Glenmore, doing some repairs to an irrigation pipe that burst due to not winterizing the system from the previous season. The team was innovative in …

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That’s a wrap!

And with that, we’re all done at 999 8th St SW. We’re extremely happy with how this turned out, the client was really pleased as well! This is a great …

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Getting there!

Things have really motored along out in Stonepine! LE Landscapes is slowly wrapping up this project out past Calgary’s west end. This boulevard is going to look great when its …

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Gardening in Legacy

Our maintenance division, LE Maintenance was down in Legacy doing some gardening. We were working at Township, its a pretty good size property so they were definitely there for a …

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Cleaning up after the storm

LE Tree Care got called to do some cleanup after a recent storm Calgary got hit with! It was quite the tree that came down and blocked access to the …

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Let’s Knock Down Some Trees!

LE Tree Care was in the Foothills Industrial park this morning to knock down some not so healthy trees. These guys really do like what they do!

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