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The First 48 Hours (When It Snows…)

Calgary business owners and property managers turn to LECM for comprehensive, thoroughly planned, stress-free snow and ice management services. Yes, we said stress-free. Given the hectic snow events that Calgary can produce, that may sound a little far-fetched. But it’s true. LECM works relentlessly to take the stress out of snow and ice management for […]

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How to Tell if a Tree is Healthy… in 60 Seconds

How to Tell if a Tree is Healthy… in 60 Seconds Trees add a tremendous amount of value to a property; aesthetically and environmentally, which directly impacts the resale value of a property. Nurturing your tree’s health so that it can live to a mature age is often a challenging task in the Prairie Provinces […]

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The Death of a Parking Lot

Lack of proper parking lot maintenance creates a number of issues that can be hard to see at first, but contribute to the death of a parking lot, greatly reducing its lifespan, attractiveness, and usefulness. Failing to resolve a few key parking lot issues can be five times more expensive than the alternative.  We aren’t exaggerating.  Read on […]

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Trees Need Watering… in April

Trees are one of the most valuable and appealing features of any landscape. A little tree maintenance knowledge can go a long way in keeping a tree in peak health. Trees and shrubs in commercial landscapes, especially those in parking lots, need water at the beginning of the growth season for them to do their […]

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Why Adding Mulch is Your Best Low-Cost Plant Health Option

If we could recommend only one improvement for your tree, shrub, and plant spaces, it would be adding or topping up a mulch layer. There are so many benefits to adding mulch to tree, shrub, flower, and plant beds. And, it is one of the lowest cost options as well. Bonus! Here is what the mighty mulch does: Promotes […]

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Using Less Salt to Melt Snow Using Organic Alternatives: Molasses or Beet Brine

Many municipalities are experimenting with including organic additives in their anti-icing and snow melting brine formulas. Two common options are molasses and beet brine. Beet brine is more natural than conventional salt brines with a 20/80 ratio of sodium chloride (rock salt) to beet juice. Beet juice naturally contains its own sodium chloride (about 12%) but […]

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Should You Create Snow Piles in Your Parking Lot?

Snow piles are a pretty common sight in parking lots around Calgary during the winter. Plows and clearing crews create mountains of snow in parking lots after a snowfall. These hills are often around for months at a time and we have all become accustomed to seeing them. But have you ever asked yourself, “Is […]

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Melting Snow and Ice: Should You Pre-treat or Post-treat?

Melting Snow & Ice: Should You Pre-treat or Post-treat? Some snow crews work before bad weather hits by applying a solution that helps melt snow and ice on impact. Others wait for the weather to happen and then treat problem areas after the fact. So, which is better? The best crews use a combination of […]

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