LE Irrigation is a division of the property maintenance services branch of its parent company LE Construction and Maintenance.  Over the years, it has grown due to a passion for creating spaces that flourish and thrive for residential and commercial clients alike.  We focus on providing services that create sustainable solutions–ones that save time, money, and effort for our clients every year as well as those that promote environmentally responsible options.

Today, LE Irrigation is trusted by organizations like the City of Calgary, the province of Alberta, MEC, Colliers International, and others.


At LE Irrigation, we focus on installs with maintenance in mind. It is easy for any company to install without thinking of how the system needs to perform over the years. Our deep experience in the landscape maintenance side of the business allows us to create installations that make sense and work for years to come.

Because LE Irrigation is just one division of a comprehensive exterior property maintenance company, we have the ability to share knowledge and skills between departments. As an example, certified arborists from our LE Tree Care division can provide specific plant science to help with determining optimal watering patterns. Or, our LE Paving division can restore sidewalks or parking lots if a main line repair is required under concrete or asphalt. And, our landscape maintenance division, LE Maintenance, provides early detection of irrigation system issues because of their weekly access to the property.

We pride ourselves on delivering products and services that benefit our clients, their properties, and their budgets. Contact us today for:

  • Commercial
    • Backflow Valve Installs
    • Wi-Fi Enabled Controllers
    • Garden Drip Systems
    • Hanging Basket Zones
    • Lawn Areas
    • Rooftop Planters
  • Service
      • Repairs
      • Wire Tracing
      • Line Repairs
      • Valve Service
      • Head Replacements
      • Troubleshooting
      • Controller Replacement
    • Startup
      • Watering Schedule
      • Leak Checks
      • Backflow Testing
      • Spray Pattern Adjustments
      • Drip Lines
    • Mid-Season Inspection
      • System Performance Check
      • Leak Checks
      • Watering Schedule Tweaks
      • Spray Pattern Adjustments
    • Winterization
      • Clear Out Lines
      • System Shutdown
    • Upgrades
      • Drip Systems
      • Head Upgrades
      • Master Valves
      • Flow Sensors
      • Weather Sensors
      • Controller Upgrades

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